Our Story

About Us

“Dayspring Foods is rooted with the belief of Bharat where we are building a Consumer Brand around Indian food staples giving it a new Avatar – Indian Superfoods. With nutrition and a healthy lifestyle being core of our ethos, we try to help farmers by following fair and sustainable agri-business practices.”

How was Dayspring born?

Hey, fellow Health Aspirants!

We’re two friends who love to have healthy food, but could never find the foreign superfoods which we could have every day. Now that we have Black and Purple Wheat products, life is pretty awesome.

One of us had a day job as a banker before his part time engagement in his family business of agri-food while another was busy supplying components and batteries to automobiles.

We were fascinated by foreign superfoods entering Indian diets but, neither we, nor our friends and family were too keen to have it on daily basis. We were determined towards our purpose of finding an Indian Superfood and were passionate of ‘Bhaarat’.

We came across a biotechnology of bio-fortification of wheat; Black and Purple Wheat! Yes, it’s cool to have to see this color but trust us it’s all natural and Non-GMO.

And there we are, with basic Black and Purple Wheat products to cater to your health needs.

- Sapan and Rushit